What is digital signage?

Digital Signage & Video Walls

What is digital signage?

What is digital signage?

You know those TV screens you see installed in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above gas pumps, food menu boards & lots of other places. Well, that’s called Digital Signage.


Who needs it?

Do you need have presentation and projection is not possible not because of ambient lighting and rigging? if so you may need a multi-panel video wall. Does your project or event utilize a multi-panel video wall and you are need of custom content? Do you have a screen or set of screens that is “super wide” or are you creating portrait style HD content (1080 x 1920)? Whatever your presentation needs are, our team of designers is ready to discuss your next project with you now.


How do I use it?

We have a vast array of led video wall panels ranging from 4mm to 6mm, DLP and LCD projectors from 1000 to 20,000 lumens and projector screens of all shapes and sizes. We have LFD commercial and consumer panels in 40″, 55″, 60″ 65″, 70″, 80″ and 90″ sizes. We offer brands like NEC, LG, Samsung, Sharp, Planar, Barco and Hitachi. Our new e-commerce website (Coming Soon!) will feature a full rental and e-commerce platform where you can demo products before you decide to purchase.


Why Wolf Media Group?

We understand the importance of your story. We specialize in creating content, but we don’t stop there. We take it step further by identifying the correct medium to present the content using the most current technology available.

The team at Wolf Media Group is ready to discuss creating custom content in custom aspect ratios from 16×9 and 16×10 to 2K and up to 6K.

Our digital signage team leverages the skills of our post production department with expertise in:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Maya
  • Cinema 4D

You have a story. Are you ready to tell it?


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