What is Wolf Media Group?

Our Modus Operandi

What is Wolf Media Group?

What is Wolf Media Group? 

Thank you for visiting our website, we’re so glad you asked.  We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read up on us, and we look forward to getting to hear all about your story.   We are a group of storytellers, a collective of Los Angeles’ finest multi-disciplinary creatives. We pride ourselves on designing content and creating experiences brands love and audiences love to share.  We have a love for questions.  We call our ourselves “the pack”. We are often referred to by the three letter acronym “WMG”.  We are modern minimalists who have a thing for wolves, the way of the wolves, and everything “wolf-like”.

What do you do? 

We tell stories and we have the tools to help you tell yours.  We specialize in creating content, but wait!  There’s more 

What do you value?

We value coffee, relationships, excellence, and creativity.  The order in which these are listed is as equally important as the values themselves.  Above all else, our team prides itself on building long lasting relationships with our clients and offering innovative products and services. We provide creative solutions to unique marketing, design and production challenges. 

What’s the idea behind “Never Alone”? 

The wise wolf always travels in a pack, “never alone”.  We don’t pretend to know what we don’t know.  We do however, believe strongly in collaboration. Because our philosophy is centered around strong relationships, we not only employ but collaborate with some of the top creative agencies on the West coast.  In addition to our own extensive list of products and services, we do offer referrals.  Our goal is that our clients receive the best products and services available, even when those products and services don’t belong to us. 

What are you selling?

The million dollar question.  

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What’s my next step? 

We believe you have a story to tell.

Are you ready to tell it?

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